Tuesday, May 19, 2015

End-of-Semester Full Physical Shutdown

Oh, end of semester, why do you do this to me? You should be a time full of joy, yet inevitably, you make me sick as a dog. This semester's iteration hit me Thursday night at Kalamazoo, abated for a while, and then came roaring back this morning. Who/what to blame?
  • Germs on the plane out there?
  • 2500 medievalists?
  • Severe sleep deficiency for four days of conferencing?
  • Dorm rooms and/or shared bathrooms?
  • Repeated pressure shifts on flights too and from?
  • Grading/paper quality?
  • All of the above?
  • Other?
 Ah, well. It means I'm trying to finish grading while my head feels stuffed full of oily rags and my neck aches. In lieu of a real post that I was contemplating about people who ought to know better but still try to squeeze a 30-minute paper into a 20-minute time slot, let me simply include this picture, as proof that, in a brief hiatus from feeling crappy, I went to the Kalamazoo dance and shook my butt with eminent historians:

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Anonymous said...

I know this guy, way back in the day, who was told by his fellow TA that he'd grade all of the exams, so that he could travel back home early. All that this guy would have to do is to the grading paperwork (filing out and submitting forms).

Since this meant that the fellow TA would do 90% of the work, this guy agreed, and then went out and had a pitcher of beer.

And a rum-and-coke.

And a bunch of Long Island Iced Teas.

Then it turned out the next day that the fellow TA had only gotten part of the exam grading done, and had to go home.

So this guy graded over a hundred statistics finals, with the worse hangover of his life.

Or so he told me.