Monday, August 15, 2016

Picking Up the Thread

I don't know why, but today seemed like the day to pick up the blog again. Wait: I do know why. More on that below. But first, what have I been up to in the past... forever? Well, since my last post, which was basically a bitch-fest about notarial documents, I've done a few post-worthy things that I hope to pick up on soon (if anyone still has me on their blogrolls... if anyone still reads blogs):
  • Finished a trip to Blerg City in which, for the first time, I had some fellow US researchers who are also friends, and so was not a complete hermit.
  • Procrastinated by poking around in a place where absolutely nothing of value to my project would be, and thereby stumbled on a Document That Explains Everything.
  • Moved back to Grit City Beach, discovered the abysmal state of the rental market, and ended up moving into The Beehive.
  • Had a lovely two-day roving visit with SquadratoMagico
  • Begun planning courses, even though two of them were only for-certain locked-in three weeks before the semester started; panic ensues.
  • Appalled myself by getting bent out of shape in a way that clearly has to do with some privilege issues I still have.
  • Began work as member of the organizing committee for a smallish annual conference (I'm in a minor role)
  • Quit smoking (again)
  • Signed up for a yoga intensive workshop
Anyway, that's a lot, and I plan to write about it all over the next couple weeks. But here's what made today the day: Today, I opened my book file for the first time in over three weeks. I'm the person who has said over and over that walking away from a big writing project for more than a few days is a bad idea, and will make it difficult to pick up the thread. Yeah, well: I'm discovering that for myself. Again. Today I managed to map out what I need to do next, and "wrote" a short section on what a certain mendicant has to say about merchants ("They're AWESOME!" -- yeah, that sort of surprised me), mostly by stringing together some quotes with a bit of connective tissue and analysis. And it felt good to add to the word count again. And I've looked into downloading a plugin that will allow me to read notarial files from home. (um.. yay?) But starting again after a long hiatus is hard.

This seems to be the theme now: relearning lessons about how slacking off for a day or two turns into a week, and month, and suddenly you're not writing, not blogging, not exercising, and smoking. Gah. So: today I try to pick up the thread. Let's see how this goes.

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Bardiac said...

Welcome back! Glad to see you blogging again! (Just read about the beehive; sounds like a good place!)