Thursday, October 23, 2008

blogger comments: "WTF?!?" edition

Hey all --

this morning, I've tried to comment on two people's blogs, both on blogger. Apparently there's a new sign-in system that won't accept my blogger ID, and demands that I enter the secret code letters, but won't display them. And Blogger help pages seem to be unavailable.

Any ideas out there? I invite you to post comments in my comments section if you can. If not, maybe e-mail me at notoriousphd ~~ at ~~ mac ~~ dot ~~ com.


Anonymous said...

I've got no blogger account, but find that Blogger often won't display the secret letters unless I let it feed my machine cookies first. If you're not using your normal machine, or someone else might have changed your settings, that might be a thing to check.

It might just be broken, of course, that seems to happen too.

gritty grits said...

Ok, I actually had to read the entire post to understand the abbreviation LOL... I'm soo ready for the week-end! It just happens, sometimes... half the time, I cannot read the letters in the first place and like an idiot keep adding them... Have a good week-end, will try & call!

Susan said...

Sometimes the word verification doesn't display. But if I close the comments and reopen, it does.

Dr. Curmudgeon said...

Bittersweet said there'd been some difficulty on my blog with comments, so I recently opened up some of the security constraints, allowing OpenID options also. I think perhaps Blogger had gone through some sort of update and the restrictions got more strict. As for the word verification, I've never run into where refreshing didn't solve the problem, so I'm not sure what to suggest.