Sunday, January 18, 2009

Planning a trip!

Whoo hoo! It looks like the Fellowship City girls are going to get together again!

Due to recent ructions in all our lives, we got in contact, and decided that what we really needed more than anything was a few days together at A.'s family's house on the shores of one of the Great Lakes. No internet, no TV -- just wooded acres on one side, and one of the Great Lakes on the other, and each other.

Not much we can do about it right now, what with our various semesters starting up, but sometime between Kalamazoo and Labor Day, it looks like we'll be headed for a reshoot of this photo from last year (that's K. on the left, me in the middle, and A. on the right -- and two santeria candles, apparently).

Something to look forward to as this semester moves along.

ALSO: Read this. It won't make you happier. But it's worth the read.

ALSO, ALSO: You all will have noticed the new light-on-dark skin for the blog. This was a strategic decision, as I want to post more photos this year, and I really want to make them pop. I know that white-on-black can be a bit hard on the eyes, so this should encourage me to keep my posts brief. But if you really, really hate it, let me know, and I'll take it under advisement.


clio's disciple said...

I have a very hard time with light text on dark background, but I mostly read you through my RSS reader anyway.

Psych Post Doc said...

Thanks for the link for the History of the Bush Presidency article. You're right, it didn't make me feel better but it was interesting.

I'm not a fan of the white on black either but I also primarily read through a good reader anyway.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

White on black will probably drive me to figure out how feeds work. I am way more about text than pictures (English prof, yeah, how'd you know?).

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Oh, fine.