Sunday, May 16, 2010

Random Bullets of Kalamazoo

  • Yes, the unbound galleys were out for viewing. Yes, I was unreasonably giddy.
  • Also, person at Dream Press table informed me that there were at least two preorders of the book. I've sold two copies, Mom!
  • Skipped the dance this year -- too damned tired. Next year, I promise.
  • This year, I felt a bit like I was always running, trying to catch up with someone or let them catch up with me. The sad result was that I was never fully present with the person I was with, because half of my brain was frantically trying to arrange my schedule. What the hell? I am not that important. Next time, I think I will plan a couple things in advance, but let everything else just take its course, and not try to juggle. All part of the whole "be present" plan.
Am now off to pack, then head to meet a fellow amateur photographer friend in southwest Ohio. After that, it's back to Grit City, and a week of sleep, if I can manage it.


Historiann said...

Your mom know already about your book pre-orders. Who else did you think would pre-order your book?

Comrade PhysioProf said...

You didn't go to the motherfucking medieval dance!?!?!?!?!?

Digger said...

Your pix are better than amateur! How about "avocational"?

Very gratz on the pre-sales (and I bet they're not BOTH your mom...)