Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another placeholder, before leaving again


In the ten days since I last posted, I have:

  • recovered (briefly) from my Rio trip
  • made arrangements to have some fairly disruptive work done on my apartment's bathroom while I'm away
  • hosted my nine year-old niece, Lady T, for her first solo visit to Auntie NotoriousIt was fun.[1] 
  • done an upgrade on the old computer and a major data and program migration to the new one,[2] so I now, for the first time, have two computers
  • semi-thoroughly cleaned the house and thrown out a ton of stuff 
  • had a lovely get-together for lunch with Historiann, Squadratomagico, and Susan 
  • found that I'd dropped another major ball for my trip to Blargistan Seminar Month.[3] 
  • pre-packed, in that I've thrown everything I think I'll need for my trip into a small suitcase. 
  • booked an airport shuttle that will pick me up Tuesday at four-forty-five in the freaking morning. [UPDATE: you know someone is really an above-and-beyond kind of friend when that person sees this post and immediately volunteers to pick you up and take you to the airport in the hours before dawn -- something I never would have dreamed asking someone to do.  Thanks, B!]

  • I'm hoping that there will be semi-regular blogging from Blargistan. Hopefully these posts will not simply be more "here's why I haven't been posting" posts.  Still, any customer dissatisfied with the frequency or content of blog posts may apply to the management for a full refund.

    See ya' in Blargistan!

    Lady T. in the sun

    [1] "Aunt Notorious is weird," she told my father.  "She doesn't eat meat, and she dances whenever there's music on."  I can live with that.
    [2] An 11" Mac Air.  Yes, it is awesome.
    [3] I'm pretty sure I can pick this one up, but it's gonna mean less time to do the prep work I need to do.  Did I mention that I've been moving from pillar to post since November?  And that I'm sick of it?


    squadratomagico said...

    Lovely to spend an afternoon with you all! And I'll trade you my cool, overcast skies for your sunny ones (and an extra 15 degrees) any day!

    And have a wonderful trip to Blargistan!

    Comrade Physioprof said...

    Hopefully these posts will not simply be more "here's why I haven't been posting" posts.

    Make sure you post some cooleasse pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Historiann said...

    Great to see you again Notorious, and to hang out with you, Squadrato, and Susan. (And thanks again for the delicious lunch!)

    Safe travels to Blargistan.

    NNR said...