Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Week in Writing, Day 4: Back to the Drawing Board, and Back on Track

This morning, I reset my word counter for the week to zero and dove back into the old conference paper manuscript. I squished down thoughts of how much or how little I was excited about the paper as it stood, and instead honed in on one area that I knew I could actually improve on. I've already related the story of my discovery here.  But I never plugged it back into the conference paper, because I thought that line of inquiry was dead.

So, today I did the plugging, and about 50% of the explicating.  That got me to 752 new words for the day (about half of which, I'll admit, lies in two rather chunky footnotes -- so much for writing with a non-egghead audience in mind). It's significant.  And it's just shy of the 800 I should be at if my "write 200 words a day" goal had been a straight line of progress.

I don't know if this track is leading anywhere, but I'm on the train, and it's moving, so I'm just going to ride it for a while.

(Still, I'd like to be inspired.)

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Susan said...

Inspiration rarely comes when you're squeezing your writing into an overcrowded life. At least it doesn't for me. Eventually it comes when I'm doing something else, or even nothing, walking, digging in the garden, chopping vegetables, talking with a friend...