Monday, January 22, 2018

First Day Observations

  1. I haven't been in the classroom since last May. More importantly, I haven't been in my classroom clothes since last May. Spain included a lot of delicious cheese. You do the math.
  2. My classes are packed. Seriously: all of them are full to capacity. This is unusual for medievalists. But damn, it's not easy leading a discussion in these big classes.
  3. I have almost all my classes prepped and ready through March. Because February is going to be a haze of travel and writing and course prep. 
  4. This begins my fifteenth year on the tenure track. Why do I still feel like a rank beginner?
  5. If there were any class in which to have an interrupting mansplainer, did it have to be my gender class?
  6. This is not a Middlemarch post. In case you hadn't figured that out by now. But that will come tomorrow.

1 comment:

MS1964 said...

Glad it's not a Middlemarch post; for my version of all of the reasons you mention above (except my classes aren't packed. I'm kind of jealous. Also, because my classes aren't prepped beyond next week. Gonna go catch up on some MM right now. I have an observation about Lydgate: is he going to turn out to be a scientific Casaubon? That business with the murderous actress... and the drug dispensation. That does have me intrigued. And now you all know how much I am behind...