Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Write All the Things

In addition to reading and blogging, I'm also trying to get back into the habit of daily writing. I'd better, because I have no fewer than four deadline-specific papers or articles to deliver before June 30... and this doesn't even count the book manuscript.

That's a bit too short for a post, isn't it? As IƱigo Montoya said,

Yeah. That's my to-do list in a nutshell.

Once again, I said "yes" to too many things. Each of these are individually worthwhile: a paper for a "why yes, we'll fly you to Europe" conference that will result in a publication of a loose end that I wanted to publish anyway. A conference paper for a panel organized by a friend on a topic that I actually know something about, and that will give me a weekend to see said friend at a conference. Two revisions/updates of things I've already published. All worthwhile. And for the record, I did say "no" to one other writing-on-commission thing that came my way last year.

How will I get through this? Same way I'm gonna get through Middlemarch: one page at a time. But this is going to require a combination of consistency and ambition and persistence that I haven't had to deploy since I wrote my master's thesis in six agonizing weeks while finishing my MA coursework.[1]

The reward? Once I'm done with these things -- and provided I can avoid saying yes to anything else -- I'll get to finish the damn book when I'm done.

And speaking of Another Damn Book... more on that in a future post. I've been away for long, and have much to tell.

[1] I read and explored and researched for the summer between year 1 & year 2. Then, sometime in late January, my adviser said, "Why aren't you writing yet?" And so, faced with the need to crank out a chapter a week, I wrote frantically six days a week. On the seventh day, I drank. 

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