Saturday, July 21, 2018

Trying Not to Go A.S.U. (a post with many strained metaphors)

A.S.U. It stands for "All Spun Up," and in my hands, it can be just as deadly. It's also a weakness of mine. Here is a fictional-but-might-as-well-be-real conversation:

COLLEAGUE: Hey! How's your summer going?

ME: Oh my god. So busy. There are all the things and I've only gotten half of them accomplished which I suppose is typical but this fall I've got This Many classes plus The Same Many independent studies plus Big Committee X and Y plus organizing the events and this is supposed to be my research semester and o my god ALL THE THINGS...

COLLEAGUE: [flees in terror, resolving never to speak to me again]

This is me. This is what I do. I say yes when I've resolved to say no, I panic, and then I talk myself into a greater panic.

So, I'm gonna take this like a twelve-stepper: one day at a time. One task at a time. Or maybe a marathon runner, who focuses on the next mile, rather than the whole 26.

This will be for my sanity. But it will also be for the sanity of the people I work with. I want to be a positive force in my work life. But I need to secure my own oxygen mask first.

And remember: the correct answer to "How is your summer going?" is "Not bad! [omit details that will send me into ASU territory and shift the topic] But I want to hear about you!" Cheezy, but it keeps me out of the bad place, right? 


Amstr said...

I just finished up a 12-day residency for a low-res MFA program (I can't seem to stay out of school), and the first-semester students were constantly asked how we were coping. I ended up picking one thing that was totally working for me and sticking with that. For me, it was exercise: "I've been able to work out most days, so it's been great so far!" I'd get a lot of nods and "self-care is so necessary"s. It did help me from getting into the panic of SO MUCH TO DO AAAAAAAH!!!!
You're taking up a noble endeavor. Brava!

O'dara Avenue said...

We've all been there! We know how you feel!

Mrs. Wray said...

Are you still alive? Seriously missing your posts! I know the beginning of the academic year is nuts (even for us middle schools teachers) but I am getting a bit worried....