Friday, November 13, 2015

My Book Chatper as Toddler

"We've had a long, busy day, haven't we?"

"yeah! we added words and looked things up and got lost but then got found kinda even though it wasn't where we were going and there was ice cream and coffee and..."

"Yes, honey. That's right. And now it's time to put you to bed."

"i'm not ready to go to bed!"

"Nevertheless. Grab your jammies."

"but... I want another drink of water. and to watch just one more show."

"No. It's bedtime. Don't worry though: tomorrow will be another day and we will watch a show together then. I'm sure of it. Just not tonight. For tonight, we're done."

"but i doan' wanna!"

"You've been up for way longer than I had planned already. Bed."

"but... you might not know this mommy: i didn't brush my teeth yet."

"That's okay, honey. Those baby teeth are going to fall out anyway."

"why do I have to go to bed when i'm not even tired!"

"Because mommy is tired. So that's the end of it. Bed. NOW."


Good night for now, sweet chapter. I know we've got loads more to do together, but mommy needs a break for a bit.

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