Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Milestone

Okay, I just finished a draft of a chapter. Sort of. There are still a few square brackets to fill in [INSERT EXAMPLE FROM CASE STUDY HERE], and a bunch of it is still at the verbal vomit stage.

But here's the thing. This was the last substantive chapter. On the recommendation of one of the publishers I met with, I ended up shortening what I thought was going to be chapter 2, and folding it into the fairly short chapter one. This is all background stuff, and it means that there's only one chapter (only slightly longer than the others) before I get into the really serious case studies, rather than two.

I've also sketched out 2,500 words of the intro. That's about halfway there, I think. So, add another 2,500 there, 3,000 for the conclusion, 5,000 or so for the bib., tighten everything up, and I'm freakin' DONE.** If the page estimates work out, that puts me at exactly 95,000. Of course, I'm going to lose a bit when I put in the short cites in the footnotes, and cut out the 1,500 words from chapter four that I ended up moving to chapter three. But still, I'm awfully close. Not ready for a Happy Dance yet, but close.

**Well, except for the revisions, but still.


medieval woman said...

That's awesome! You've already well passed the magical 80,000 word mark, so you're golden!!

Any news on publishers saying, "send it to us!"??

hilary said...

Maybe no Happy Dance yet, but you should at least get your shoes on so you'll be ready for it.