Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Feature

Hey, all: In my effort to be better at keeping up with the blogs I read regularly, I've added a new "what I'm reading" to my sidebar. This is mainly for my own benefit, but I invite you to peruse at your leisure. It's about 80% academic blogs (with a high medievalist content), but there are a few other friends and sundries thrown in.

And a bleg to Another Damned Medievalist: I've been trying to include a link to your blog, but it doesn't seem to take. If you know why, and want to contact me, let me know.

EDIT: Hmmm.... some confusion, it appears. "Unassigned reading" is the paper book I'm reading (and apparently have been for months); the new feature, "What I'm reading", is further down, and lets me know when one of the blogs I regularly check in on has been updated.


medieval woman said...

Hey Cool - is it what you're reading right at this moment? There's only one listing I see!

Another Damned Medievalist said...

I dunno -- there's an RSS feed button ...