Monday, September 17, 2007

Digital Me

Yes, I should be working. But it's been a long day, and I'm wiped out. So I followed the link from Tenured Radical, and used the digital portait maker to make a digital me (sort of), wrinkles and all:

If you would like to waste time, too, click here.


Belle said...

oh, thanks. you look so serious i made mine w/the lighter me. but guess what? you still look like friend-in-the-making.

Anonymous said...

aren't you the person who just made a resolution to stop being the reason other people don't get things done?


Notorious Ph.D. said...

@ Belle -- Well, shucks! And no, I'm not always so serious. But I decided to go for scholarly mode.

@ Dance -- I know. I'm very bad.

Tenured Radical said...

Isn't it shocking how close you can get to the real you?


Notorious Ph.D. said...

You know, the one disappointing thing is that there is no option for curly hair.