Saturday, June 28, 2008

Personal business

Sometimes, life intervenes with work.  I'm putting my writing on hold for a couple of days while I help ID load all his worldly possessions onto a ten-foot moving truck. I'll check in again on Monday.


Anonymous said...

That's wise choice: moving trucks are WAY more useful than the stationary ones. However, it might be kinda tricky to load up! :)

Dr. S said...

Yeah, I was thinking that this should probably take precedence over the writing for a little while.

He can still fit it all into 10'? (Hear my weird envy.)

When I finished grad school and loaded a moving truck, my boyfriend had jetted off to a conference somewhere else. He didn't get back until after I had unloaded my crap and returned the truck and come back to grad school town for a few days. Then we broke up.

Your way sounds more fun.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Nnr, there's no excuse for that.

S, yes, it all (mostly) fit into the back of the truck, with some creative packing, and a lot of stuff dumped off at St. Vinnie's. He (as in your own story) is coming back to town in a few days, for about a week, so I suppose there's still time for disaster.