Friday, November 28, 2008

In retrospect, I guess that was the obvious answer.

Reading my case yesterday, as the officers of the court question the mother-in-law of the suspected poisoner:

Q: Is there any rumor as to who it was who tried to poison your son?

A: Yes: everybody says it was his wife.

Q: And do they say why she might have tried to poison him?

A: Because she wanted him to die.

(I like to imagine the last delivered in an incredulous, "well, duh!" voice. I also like to imagine the rolling of the eyes as the inquisitor followed up with "Well, why did she want him to die?")


Dr. S said...

This is a somewhat dodgy one to have follow your Thanksgiving domesticity post, heh heh.

Susan said...

Don't you love those exchanges? And the real question is this: do YOU think the wife did it? Does she have a reason to want to be a widow?

Belle said...

Duh, indeed. And yet.... she's the one who died. So did they ask her mother who and why?

Anonymous said...

This really is Montaillou-level stuff, isn't it? You gotta stick with this, ma'am. It's... it's for the good of history.