Friday, April 10, 2009

Girl Scholar Scores!

No, not like that. Yeesh.

I've just purchased my round-trip ticket to my European research destination. In June. With flight departures at human hours of the day. And only one stop each way.

For around $600.

Oh, and did I mention that I also have an apartment booked and paid up for the entire month of June, dead center of the city, a fifteen minute walk from everywhere I need to be, for only 800 Euros? Yep. I pretty much rock.

((smiles with satisfaction))

Photo is an actual picture of an actual beach where I have been swimming, about 1 hr. from research destination. And yes, the water really does look like that.


historiann said...

Take me with you!

Good Enough Woman said...

$600 bucks?! You DO rock.

Susan said...

It's amazing how far down fares have gone.... good job. Alas, my research destination is not quite as lovely as that beach...

Belle said...

I am sooooo jealous!