Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ready or not, I'm ready.

Tomorrow is Convocation. Classes start Monday.

I have two of three syllabi prepared, and none of the copious online content uploaded.

I can't see my desk for the drifts of paper all over it, and the only reason my office-mate will be able to see his desk is that I moved the books I had strewn all over it (he doesn't use it in the summer) to two two-foot-high stacks on the floor.

My apartment is a semi-shambles, and I'm running out of food in the fridge.

I have a two-month backlog of mostly unanswered e-mails, some of which are Very Important.

And yet, I'm certain that somehow I will pull this all together (okay, maybe not the apartment) by Monday, and get up and teach as if I were the most prepared, organized professor in the world.

It will all be a front, but it'll be a good one.


Another Damned Medievalist said...

Stop living my life!!

Anonymous said...

You can do it, N! Put on a good show and no one will ever know you've got drifts of dirty laundry piling up on your floors -- at least, that's my hope for myself.

squadratomagico said...

Cast a glamour and go for it!

Susan said...

All you need is one clean outfit :)

Dr. S said...

I am so there! Tenure dossier due Tuesday, classes beginning Monday. All syllabi underway and in need of schedule adjustments. First-year advising continuing tomorrow. Laundry in need of being done.

We will make it!

Belle said...

I'm there with Sq: the glamour is the way to go. Then call in the housekeeping elves and forget it.

Historiann said...

What Susan says, plus, the wisdom that at this point in your career, you can fake anything.

Who says students NEED the syllabus on the first day of class? They'll survive.

Anonymous said...

I've been applying for jobs lately that are plainly only going to decide with barely even weeks before the course starts. I just hope someone up there is doing all this stuff ahead of the new appointee or I am, I mean, someone is going to have to combine this hell with house-hunting.