Monday, August 23, 2010

CFP, or: In Which This Blog Temporarily Becomes a Bulletin Board

Hi all!

You know what? I'm organizing a session for Kalamazoo 2011. And wouldn't it be cool if I could harness the awesome power of the blognets to get submissions and abstracts? But I can't, because I'm friggin' anonymous! Aaarrrrgh!!!


So, here's my idea. Surely, some of my readers out there (even normally pseudonymous ones) are sponsoring sessions. And some of them would probably like to use their blogs to get the word out. So I thought I'd put this post up as a bulletin board. Log in to the comments and post your panel title, organizer name, and contact info. A few words about it if you like, but please no full abstracts (though links to those abstracts are ok). If you're an pseudonymous blogger, log on without your normal sign-in, and get the word out.

Medievalist nuns, Kalamazoo, ca. 2008 C.E.


Comrade PhysioProf said...

Whatte the fugge is in Kalamazoo in 2011?? Is it gonna be funne?

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

K-zoo's medieval/early mod conference, eh? Sounds like fun, but I'm not organizing anything more than diaper changes, preschool drop off, novel writing, and madly scrambling to put together a last-minute syllabus for a comp class that starts tomorrow. Alas. I met my hubby when he was at Western Michigan studying communications. I have a lot of fondness for K-zoo. :)

Anonymous said...

Representations of the Secular in Medieval Art

A session of non-religious subjects and contexts in medieval art and architecture - from marginalia to monuments, and everything in between.

Nicole E. Ford
62B Church St.
Lebanon, NH 03766 AT