Saturday, September 4, 2010

In Praise of the Binder Clip

A little bit of weekend fluff for y'all:

If you're an academic, or have a home office, chances are you have a supply of these items. One friend of mine refers to them as "barbie purses," and it's easy to see why:

I have a little jar at home full of them, in various sizes. They are, of course designed to hold together stacks of papers larger than can be handled by their more plebeian cousin, the humble paper clip. But they're handy for other things, too. Some of my off-label uses for binder clips have included:
  • a clip for outgoing mail on my vertical mailbox
  • a closure for opened bags of food in my refrigerator and cupboards
  • hanging a Christmas wreath

Binder clips! A million and one uses! And the fun never ends...

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!


alan said...

Binder clips were like currency in my department. "Review my paper?" "Sure. Can I keep the clips?" I also use them to clip my pants legs out of the way of the bike chain.

Bardiac said...

Add in: holding my ground coffee bag closed, and working as a clip for other kitchen stuff.

I love them! (I'd never heard the Barbie purse thing, but it made me laugh.)

Christina W. said...

I always thought that this was a genius way to use binder clips.

Anonymous said...

<applause for dog sculpture>

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Just to be clear: None of these photos are my creation. I do like the binder-clip dog, though.