Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Bullets of "Yes, I'm Still Alive"

I knew I hadn't posted for a while, but when Comrade PhysioProf sends you a one-line e-mail inquiring as to your continued non-deadness, it's probably time to post, even if you can't do so in flowing prose. So, here's me the past few weeks, in bullet form:
  • I thought the pace would slow after tenure. Instead, what I find is that my work allocation now consists almost entirely of scheduling meetings, attending (or chairing) meetings, and filling out and submitting paperwork (often itself meeting-related). Teaching and research get whatever's left over.
  • Actually, now that I think of it, a chunk of my meetings are teaching-related: I decided that, in both my undergraduate classes, I gave students the opportunity to rewrite the first paper, but only if they met with me and present me with their plan for revisions. And my graduate students need to meet with me about their paper proposals.
  • Last night, I finished a draft of a five-weeks-overdue guilt-inducing project for a professional organization. I feel much better now. I also feel like I should have gone with my instincts and said "no." I did, in fact, say no to an outside thing I'd really like to do, but have no time for.
  • After almost two years, I may be ready to date again, but I have no idea how one goes about it.
  • I haven't been doing daily writing or yoga, and I feel stiff in both cases. But it seems like my spare home minutes are about grading.
  • Although I did take an entire work-free weekend to myself two weeks ago. It was nice. Put me behind, but it was nice.
  • I'm headed to Puddletown tonight! For four days! There may or may not be family drama.
  • Holy crap, I'm tired.


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

I don't really know how to tell you to date. I met my husband online 11 years ago. If you were going to meet someone online, I recommend meeting them for coffee very soon after you connect. That's what I did with hubby. But there was another guy I met online, and we chatted for six months before we met face-to-face. My expectations about him were so high because I filled in all the gaps in my imagination, and it ended up being heartbreaking. But I met hubby a mere week and a half after connecting, and we've been together ever since. It was perfect.

If you go the traditional route for meeting someone, don't let a good friend hook you up. I did that once, and now I don't talk to one of the people anymore -- who had been a very good friend -- after the hellacious breakup. Ugh. Perhaps starting up a conversation in a coffee shop with a person would work. I have no idea...So glad I never have to date again.

cmt said...

I am a bit ashamed that I've got nothing but romantic advice to offer in this department: buy 'em off the internet. Fie is wise: meet early and often!

Or, put the full court press on your friend's boyfriend's flatmate in a totally unrelated department who happens to share your interest in a contact sport popular in the Southern Hemisphere. His defenses will crumble! And then you will learn what it is to give up your Saturdays not to a book or a dissertation, but to...the rugby. And the emergency room after the rugby.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

I'm glad my e-mail induced you to poste!

Anna said...

Glad you are of the non-dead.

Glad to see an update.

Can't help you with dating advice. but i can offer empathy.

maepress said...

Interestingly, there is a good post over at Hook and eye about methods of streamlining your workload without sacrificing.

Historiann said...

"I thought the pace would slow after tenure.


Sucka. Welcome to my side of the mountain, and as it turns out, it ain't the Big Rock Candy Mountain of coasters with beers on top after tenure.