Sunday, December 19, 2010

Checked off

I've done the grading.

I've given the apartment at least a superficial cleaning, in preparation for the people who will be staying here.

I've taken out the garbage and cleaned out the fridge; checked the alarm clock, stove, coffee pot, and thermostat to make sure they're off.

I'm about to water the plants.

I've packed a suitcase (full to bursting), a carry-on, and a purse.

And I'm off to my beloved Puddletown -- incidentally, for my longest stay there since I left for grad school over 15 years ago. More pictures to come.

fig. 1: I don't call it "Puddletown" for nothing.


Historiann said...

Safe travels and enjoy your winter break!

Anonymous said...

I think I recognize that puddle! If so, I'll be there, too. I'm looking forward to going home and being with family.

Have a safe journey and enjoy the break.

Digger said...

Safe journey!

Candid Engineer said...

Enjoy the break, hope the puddles dry up for a few days. :)