Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Of COURSE I should have figured that out.

My "three things" list today includes "Revise syllabus error." This is because of the an obscure scheduling issue, regarding Veterans' Day -- a holiday I ignored, because I don't teach on Fridays, so when I consulted the campus holidays calendar while constructing my syllabus, I didn't factor it in. But yesterday, after teaching the first day of classes, the following scheduling policy was brought to my attention:

"(1) Campus is closed Friday. (2) All Friday classes will meet Tuesday, November 8, instead. (3) All Tuesday, November 8, classes will be cancelled."



feMOMhist said...

hilarious. only an administrator could have figured that one out. Way fewer classes on Friday at most schools, but by all means, cancel Tuesday classes, one of the busiest days. Only thing I can think of is that with T-giving Th and Fri classes already get screwed so they are trying to spread the love.

Janice said...

You know what I'd like? I'd like the administration to give me a list of dates that my class meets. So I'm not there trying to figure out if this one is affected by Thanksgiving and the other is offset by the mid-week start date. Just providing that information, instead of a list of start and end dates augmented by a list of holidays? Would be awesome!

(You have my sympathies!)

Contingent Cassandra said...

We've got one like that, too, except it's a Tuesday-which-is-Monday to make up for two Monday holidays (Labor Day and Columbus Day). This doesn't work at all for many of our students, who have all-too-busy lives outside school, so I usually try to do something optional or online (though I think there's one class that really will have to meet this semester). It's also, of course, absolutely impossible for adjuncts, who have to try to balance the alternative realities created by more than one institution.