Friday, January 13, 2012

Here's Why you Haven't Heard from Me Lately.

December 19: Turn in Grades

December 21-28: Holidays in Puddletown

December 29: Chores. Sleep. Recover.

December 30-Jan. 4: chop-polish-chop AHA paper

January 5-8: AHA

January 9: See December 29, plus: buy groceries for fridge that has been empty since December 19 or so.

January 10-Present: ZOMG! The semester starts when?!? And two last-minute things dropped in my lap? That need to be done a week before that? And a new course? And three things that I was supposed to have done besides that?

Anyway, I'll be back when I can, maybe to talk about how I'm trying to lay the foundations for what I still feel will be an excellent year... and how it's a work in progress. In the meantime, here's a picture of something from Chicago:


Comrade Physioprof said...

a picture of something from Chicago

Fucke, yeah!!!

Susan said...

Too bad you didn't take a picture of the delicious food!