Monday, April 9, 2012

F**k the Bad News

... for now, at least. Oh, there's a Very Bad Thing that may be coming down, but what the hell: I'm scrappy, so I'll manage. And besides, It's a sunny morning, and I'd rather focus on a couple of excellent things:

1) I have a new newphew! He arrived Saturday, and is the latest addition to a roster that includes two nephews (Mr. B. and Emergency Backup Nephew) and one niece (Lady T). New newphew's name sounds like he's destined to be a historian of the early Republic (American, not Roman); his pseudonym will have to wait until I know him better. Making up pseudonyms is part of a crazy auntie's sacred duty.

2) Lady T. is coming for a solo visit this summer! She's 9 1/2, and pretty independent for her age (not to mention almost as tall as I am -- zoiks!). I'm really looking forward to this... as well as to the slightly younger Mr. B.'s visit later on.

So, heading into the week focusing on the positive. And as for the negative... okay, my school library is considering seriously restricting our access to an essential research resource. And that sucks. But as I said, I'm scrappy, and I do my best work when people are trying to get in my way. Heh.


Susan said...

Congrats on the new nephew!

Janice said...

Ugh about the bad news. There's an idiocy about university management that makes them think they can get away with such cuts to research resources without it having an effect!

Enjoy the visits and the arrival of your new nephew!

Historiann said...

Enjoy the new family member & your niece's visit.

It's week 12 of the term here. Here's hoping that your semester ends soonish. (Admins love foisting major plans and decisions on the faculty in late April/early May, don't they, when they know that most of us are making plans NOT to be on campus attending to governance issues. . . )

Contingent Cassandra said...

Congrats on the newphew (just typed it that way myself, and I rather like it, given the context), and commiserations on the restriction of research resources. The fact that I am incredibly lucky to have 24/7 access to some amazing (and expensive) databases is one of the things I remind myself of when I'm feeling down about my salary vs. the local cost of living and related issues. Such things really do matter.

P.S. How does EBN feel about being the emergency backup, rather than the primary, nephew? And how will the newphew affect the lineup?

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Emergency Backup Nephew is too young to know the difference. The newest addition, I think, is Redundant Backup. Not that that makes him any less important... as my most recent computer crashes brought home to me.