Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yeah, I'm one of THOSE bloggers

Namely, the kind who will retract and redact her own posts. In this case, I poofed the last post because several comments have cause me to seriously rethink what I said there, to the point where I couldn't stand behind my own words anymore. A braver blogger would let it stand, but what you've got is me. And sometimes I say some pretty uninformed things when I'm feeling cranky & peevish.

So thanks to my commentariat who is often more informed than I am, and a mea culpa to anyone who was offended.

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Flavia said...

I'm sorry about this! I share many of the sentiments you expressed in that post--though I had reservations about some others--and was chewing over whether & how to enter the conversation without making too-broad generalizations. (I think I only saw one or two comments, so don't know how things went down.)

Well--some other time!