Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Law of Committees

Hey! Who wants to serve on this committee?

Hands go up.

Great! We have a committee! See you next semester when we convene.

Months go by.

Staff coordinator to random committee member: "Say, do you guys have a chair? Because I need to know who to coordinate with."

Random committee member starts to wonder the same thing.

Random committee member: "Say, um... So the first deadlines appear to be coming up. Who's the chair of this committee?"

Crashing silence. Another week passes.

RCM: "So... we really need a chair, right?"

Other committee members do the internet equivalent of becoming very interested in their shoes; RCM begins to get a sinking feeling.

One week later: "Okay, fine. If no one else is volunteering, I'll do it."

Committee all of a sudden rediscovers their e-mail to cheer RCM's volunteerism.


I'll give you one guess as to who is playing the role of RCM in this little play.


Susan said...

Notorious RCM to the rescue! I'd also be RCM, except I'm on leave this year so I am NOT doing things like that!

Contingent Cassandra said...

I've played both roles (mostly at church, since my job doesn't include service). Neither is fun, at least to those of us with a conscience/overdeveloped sense of responsibility, and alternation between the two is probably necessary to self-preservation (but, sadly, the roles tend not to rotate as much as they could/should). I hope this is, at least, a committee that will get something moderately necessary, substantial, and/or rewarding done.