Monday, June 29, 2015

A Month in Moving pt. 5: In Which I Abandon Everything

A while ago, in part 4, I wrote about lightening the load. I'm proud to say it was a success. Other than clothes and shoes (packed for shipping to FPU City), books (stored or shipped), and a bed and couch that my friend with the garage agreed to keep indoors, I've narrowed my worldly possessions to this:

Now, I just hope the garage doesn't flood, or I'm gonna lose all that nice furniture from Target.

Leaving it all behind also refers to the neighborhood I've called home, and the apartment in which I have hosted fellow bloggers Squadratomagico (come back and blog with us again, Squadrato!!!) and Historiann, where I finished one book and started another, and where I lived next door to Voice of Reason from our first months as first-year proffies up to the time she got married. I guess her husband thought the two of them should live together. Whatever. Anyway, it's been a good home, but today I locked the door behind me and dropped off the key. On to new things.

Finally, I'm temporarily abandoning Grit City altogether.  In a few weeks, I'll be on a flight for a year-long adventure at Fancy-Pants U.  At the moment, however, I'm sitting in the international terminal, waiting to board a flight to Blargistan. A month of research, friends, and excellent food. I'm also bringing my Fancy Camera, which I have named Vera, in the hopes that if I name her, I won't neglect her. Expect dispatches, lavishly illustrated.

Good bye, everything! Hello, everything new!


heu mihi said...

I'm impressed.

That is all.


Tree of Knowledge said...

You rock! This is so exciting.

What Now? said...

Here's to exciting adventures!

Contingent Cassandra said...

Bon voyage! I'll look forward to traveling/adventuring/fellowship-ing vicariously.

Good Enough Woman said...

Very impressive. And I am living vicariously. It's been a long time since I got to move to a new place, and I used to LOVE doing that. Well, not exactly the moving part, but the being in a new place part.

Susan said...

I am so impressed by how light you travel. I've never traveled light -- I inherited family stuff when I was in college, and I've carried a lot of it around ever since.

Have a great time in Blargistan, with research AND food. And then when you get to FPU, my alma mater, we can talk.

Susan said...

And I remember being impressed by your digs when I met up with you, H'Ann, and Squadrato one time... A lovely space. And there was space.