Monday, March 26, 2018

Something New to Make Me Nuts

I've lived in Grit City Beach for 15 years. And I may -- MAY, mind you -- now have the financial resources to purchase a small home.

The question remains as to whether I have the emotional resources. I'll be doing this on my own, and that's both good and bad, in terms of organizing the whole process. Not to mention paying for it. But I thought that it might perhaps be amusing to view from the outside: "Book-smart person confronts the housing-industrial complex! Hilarity ensues!"

Here is my observation for the day: Why do so many condo-stagers paint the interior walls gray? Nothing says, "I want my condo to present all the warmth and charm of a high-priced chain hotel" quite like gray walls.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

In my market, it's slug-color. Khaki. Light mud. I could live with high-end-hotel grey, but not with walls the color of banana slugs. I really don't get it.

Laura said...

Gray is the new beige. Or in other words, "Something something neutral tones blah blah blah."

On a positive note, I read yesterday that gray is falling out of favor and white is once again on the ascendancy. So... yay?

Notorious Ph.D. said...

I still maintain that all kitchens should be yellow, and have some sort of seating.

Anonymous said...

Because people have no imagination, real estate agents are afraid to offend anyone with taste that isn't their own, and people have unrealistic expectations about moving into a place that is done and they won't have to do my work.

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