Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Here beginneth the week of tea and murder.

Three times now, in the last two weeks, I have laid down to bed at night, only to experience (for the first time ever) heartburn so painful that it drove me out of bed, dressed again, and to the store at midnight to get OTC medicine.

This morning, after ingesting my usual double-strength french press of coffee before work (and god it was delicious; I make a truly excellent pot of coffee), I realized that this might be the problem.

So, for one week, beginning tomorrow, I am giving up coffee. As an experiment. As a substitute, I plan to drink green or herbal tea. And probably kill people.

Consider this your warning.


Brian W. Ogilvie said...

If I tried this, my colleagues, friends, and relations would stage an intervention by day 2. Good luck!

Bardiac said...

That sounds difficult.

How long before bed do you eat? And what do you eat then? (I find I get heartburn from certain foods more than others, and if I eat them and then go to bed quickly, WAY more.) I keep some antacid calcium tablets by the bed, just in case.

I hope you find a solution!

PhysioProffe said...

When I went off coffee cold turkey, I felt like I was literally dying. Narrator Voice: He did not die.

What Now? said...

And have you survived this experiment?

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Have those around you survived the experiment?