Thursday, August 2, 2007

That One Little Thing

Just a quick update: over the last several days, I've finally been putting fingers to keyboard, to finish that one little thing standing between me and the two big things I need to do (move across the country, and work on the book). A full month of reading produced only another page and a half of writing, but I think I've almost addressed most of the reviewers' comments on the article MS I've been writing.

Of course, the new writing isn't good. It never is, at first. And at some point, I will write a post about giving oneself permission to write utter crap. But not tonight. I need to go over what I've written today, and figure out how much is left to go.

Monday. Monday I want to send this off, come hell or high water.


Unknown said...

Hi Notorious, my name is Paulette, I write, and I really want to conclude my mystery novel. It is well on its' way to completion. Communities of Violence sounds interesting to me. The ideas contained in it could even add to my book.
I enjoyed your meanderings and insights. Please reply to me in BC., a recent inhabitant. I love it here. It's supposed to inspire me to write, write, write. Really, it's my own inability to focus on the ending. Ah, I admit it. I am not certain how to end the book!!
Yours truly

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Hi GW --

Communities of Violence may not be quite what you think it is -- it's a nonfiction academic history of Jews, Muslims, and Christians in medieval Spain. But if you're interested, it is a very good book.

BC sounds wonderful -- consider me envious.