Friday, November 30, 2007

Tackling the Beast (again), and a Shout-Out

Well, there's no putting it off any longer; I'm diving back in to yet another round of revisions on Never-Ending Article. For the first time in a month and a half, I opened the folder with the article, gingerly reached into the envelope from Journal of Excellent Studies, and pulled out the chunky readers' reports. I made a list of the three Big Revisions, and took home a book and a couple of articles to read over the weekend. I've told J of ES that I'll turn it around by December 10. So ((deep breaths)), here we go.

And, on a related note, a huge Thank-You to D, who, when I e-mailed her about needing help in tracking down a copy of her recent dissertation to cite (haven't read it, but I know what it's about enough to know that it'll be incredibly helpful), e-mailed me a copy of the entire dissertation within an hour. D & I are working on topics with a little bit of overlap, and both pre-tenure, so it would be very easy for one of us to clam up about what we were doing, and refuse to share. I'm just eternally grateful that most of the people I've run into are not like that, but rather are cut from more generous cloth. Like D. To whom (may I emphasize this again?) I owe my thanks.

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Belle said...

Isn't that a great feeling, when a little reach-out pays off big? When I was working on my diss, feeling horribly isolated and misunderstood, I put out a feeler on a listserv and got immediate, public and private help. A couple of Major Scholars responded on list and off, and more than one then sent me books that would help! I was overwhelmed with their support and generosity.

BTW, consider yourself tagged for the 7 meme. To give you something to play with as you deal with that article that will not die.