Friday, November 2, 2007

When guilt is an inherent feature of relaxation

Today, I finished up the conclusion to yesterday's book, reread an (admittedly short) article in German, and took notes on said article. I picked up another book (recommended by a colleague at Fellowship Institute), and am going to try to get through at least the introduction tonight. The progress is slow, but it's forward motion, nonetheless.

I also replaced a pair of headphones for the ol' iPod, and bought a bus ticket for an upcoming TRIP TO CHICAGO!!! Yes, that's right: I'm going to be taking off for a couple of days next week, not for a conference, but for recreation. I participate in an online photo-sharing community, and a couple of my online friends and I, who have never actually met in person, have agreed to meet up for a couple of days and go picture-hunting. My feelings on this are a mix of anticipation (social life! Whoo!!!) and guilty panic (omigod so much work to do so far behind where I wanted to be by now).

Crap. If "relaxation" inherently fills you with anxiety, then that's not very relaxing, is it?

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Belle said...

Ain't it the truth?