Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Grading

Yes, I am going to do my follow-up Digital Divide post (though I was scooped by this CHE post). But I'm scrambling to finish 800 things right now. Among them is my first stack of grading. I'm down to the last paper in the pile, and came across this gem:

"Genesis began with one human and his women."



Susan said...

Well, glad to know the women were not human!

Dr. Vehlow said...

that still can't compete with my student's definition of the Oral Torah: tongues... now doesn't that just sound like some dirty joke you heard in a bar?!

Anonymous said...

It's unfair to not refer to women as human (as Susan points out), though I stand by my belief that we are two different sub-species. At least the writer didn't say "one human and his bi-otch."