Thursday, March 12, 2009

Come hell or high water

This will be the weekend that I get caught up on my grading and class prep.



Anonymous said...

Me, too. I've been feeling like the Scarlett O'Hara of grading: kind of fiddle-dee-dee before* BUT now I'm making vows with my fist in the air.

*though not because of going to parties a la Scarlett but because being swamped by work.

Good Enough Woman said...

Me, three. Love the Scarlett O'Hara analogy, Ink. I've gotten so bad that I'm reduced to prepping for class while the students are taking a 10 minute reading quiz at the beginning of class.

Yesterday, I told my comp students that I would definitely have their revisions back by Tuesday (this is after breaking several other promises). After I said it, I checked myself told them to scratch that "definitely" part and said that I should give up such vows.

Anonymous said...

Good Enough, I completely understand! Every time I promise something to a class, I should *immediately* unpromise it.