Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In which Yours Truly is well and truly screwed

Yes, I made it to exotic research city.

Yes, I made it to my apartment fine.

Yes, I am jet-lagged.

But most importantly, my first act upon arriving in the apartment was to take the computer out of the laptop to plug it in and charge the battery... and promptly fry the hard drive.

No file access. No secondary e-mail account. No Lost videos.

No computer. For a month. Research on a legal pad.

Thank god I backed up my files (including my book MS!) before I left. Thank god I printed out the information most critical to my research trip.

But damn. This sucks.


Clio Bluestocking said...

Nooooo! Oh, that's horrible! All this time we were worried about disastrous electrical storms and we forgot to put the mojo out against electrical surges. Much much much sympathy to you.

dance said...

Oh wow. Much sympathy. A cold wave just washed over me.

Feasible to pick up a cheap netbook, for the researching?

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Have you tried to find support services in exotic locale? I know that Dell has centers just about everywhere - or at least in every continent. If your manufacturer does too, maybe you can get a new drive?

Digger said...

Or rent a laptop while you're there?

Clio Bluestocking said...

Also, very glad you made it over safely.

squadratomagico said...

Ohhhh, God! So sorry! Condolences!

Janice said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry!

I would second the advice to either pick up a netbook or see about renting a laptop for research purposes. And if there's someone back in your home city you trust, maybe ship them the defunct laptop now so they can get it off to the service centre?

medieval woman said...

Oh my god that blows! I'm so sorry, N!!! I hope you can work out an alternative to the legal pad, but I'm glad you arrived safely!

AliceAcademic said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Thank goodness you backed up the book MS, though.

clio's disciple said...

Oh no.

I am so sorry.