Saturday, June 6, 2009

Taking Pictures (a post without pictures)

So, one of the things I do when not digging through old documents is: I take pictures. I have, so far, had one person close to me who had non-complementary things to say about my aesthetic, but most people like what I do, as do I. It helps to keep me calm and creative, and it´s nice to do something where the end product doesn´t take months or years.

In fact, one frequent commenter here told me that she was expecting to see lots of pictures from my trip. So yesterday, computer restored, I headed out in the early evening to capture bits and pieces of Exotic Research City with my camera. Got some pretty good ones, too. Unfortunately, it´s going to be a while before they get posted, because my pictures are all in my laptop (Did I mention that it´s fully functioning? I guess I probably did), and my internet access is limited to public terminals.

But this is just to let those of you who like the pictures that show up from time to time know that illustrated posts will be forthcoming as soon as I possibly can manage it. And -- not for nothing -- that I´m actually managing to carve out a little time for fun while I´m here.


Historiann said...

Who would have said such a thing, Notorious? (About your photo aesthetic, that is.) Hostile, much?

I'm glad you're back on-line and having fun in Archive City!

Not Nurse Ratched said...

They weren't complementary? No add-ons? No additions? No completions?

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Myenh -- an ex. We´re on friendly terms, but I didn´t realize until recently how it had basically kept me off picture-taking, which is something that I really enjoy.

@NNR: Dammit! I´m traveling? You don´t expect me to carry Strunk & White with me everywhere, do you? (But glad to see that the wizard chimpery is still in shape!)

Historiann said...

Bear in mind that whatever an ex has to say should be assumed to be competitive or aggressive. (Even if he wasn't an ex at the time he revealed his innermost *feelings* about your *aesthetic*.)

Dr. S said...

I'm sorry that I didn't chime in here sooner to defend your aesthetic, which I also think is awesome. So. Shoot away! Capture and post! We're all waiting with bated breath.