Friday, July 3, 2009

Apply Butt to Chair

Notorious has a deadline.

In less than two months, I'm supposed to have my revisions finished. Problem is, when I agreed to -- nay, proposed! -- that deadline, I neglected to take into account a late finals week, a one-month research trip (in which I got no work at all on the old project done), a one-week visit to parents, and a four-day trip to Fellowship City for a friend's wedding.

As the kids say: OMG.

And as my dissertation advisor, my friend Chimpy, and others** have said: time to Apply Butt to Chair.

**"Others" including Clio Bluestocking, who apparently even sells t-shirts with this exhortation writ upon.


Belle said...

Good luck! And don't you sometimes wish you were back in Research City, oblivious to looming deadline?

Larkspur said...

Hey, I am an IBTP reader, and have seen your comments there. And I just saw the gracious way you dealt with a minor but uncalled-for snipe at you. Well done.

So I came over here to look around. In a minute I am going to progress from looking around to perusing, but first: Hi. Second: cool chair photo. Third: have you ever visited the
It's Lovely, I'll Take It site? (It is "a collection of poorly chosen photos from real estate listings".)

She has an ongoing saga starring Chair (this one's a white plastic chair). Chair keeps showing up in listings everywhere, sometimes doing inappropriate things with other furniture, and sometimes being left forlornly, all alone, on a decrepit deck. It is a fun site. Fun fun fun. Not that I should be alerting you to fun when it's ABC time.

It's Lovely I'll Take It

Bavardess said...

Cool photo - I like the play of sun and shadow. I have a bad habit of over-estimating how much I can get done in any given timeframe (particularly given my terrible habit of procrastinating). I hope the revisions are not too onerous.

Susan said...

I hope the chair is comfortable!

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Thanks, Larkspur. I understood the sentiment behind the comment (a reaction to a what was perceived as "I haven't bothered to read a damn thing anyone else has written upthread, but I'm going to weigh in anyway"), but the delivery could have been less snarky. Still, I always try to respond to the intent, rather than the tone. Flame wars help nothing.

Anonymous said...

I feel you. I've officially reached the "panic" stage where the summer is half way over, and I only have 3 weeks to complete a mountain of work (because August will be eaten up by an extended "vacation" [w/ inlaws]).

juniorprof said...

I love this picture. But it is missing a Butt.