Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's left of my summer (UPDATED: now with a totally irrelevant photo!)

In the past 7 weeks, I've spent 9 days in my own city, but I'm back now. And what's staring me in the face is a serious deadline: By August 14, I need to have finished my revisions, edits, etc., on the book MS, and hopefully have the map and cover illustration all squared away. Oh, and also figure out what to do with my upper-division seminar this fall. And in one week, I'm slated for jury duty. So, blog posts are likely to be brief, but that "three things" list in the sidebar may grow.

Mneyh, whatevs. Not much I can do about it. So let's just look at this totally unrelated picture and shine it on:

Hope you like it, because I may be doing a lot of photoblogging in the next couple of weeks, in lieu of actual content.


Anonymous said...

I got called for jury duty, a civic duty I idealistically believe in it, so was interested. What I discovered though was that August was when judges and lawyers go on vacation. In my state, you call in to see if you have to show up, I called and there was never any case. I have a friend who was called and the lawyers were quick on their objection to her as a juror (we assume because she had a Ph D. in medieval history and a specialty in law!) But it might be interesting if you get further.

Susan said...

I'm on for jury duty in mid-August, just before classes start. Sigh. Postponed from next week, when I'm still in London...

Good luck on your revisions! But remember, eating is good.

Anonymous said...

I like your 3 things and photoblogging strategy. Keep plugging away at revisions. I am doing the same.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Welcome, jerrysdaughter! Glad to know that there is someone else in the same boat (though I think HeuMihi is revising as well?).

As for jury duty, I call in this weekend to find out if I even have to go in.

And I'm ticking off the items on my "three things" list one by one.