Friday, November 27, 2009

"Once Done is Half Begun"

The title is taken from something that one of us said in grad school when referring to a paper we were writing -- a malapropism that ended up being more accurate than the original. It's also a good way of describing how I feel right now.

The title is appropriate for two reasons. The first is the boomerang effect of the many things I've checked off my to-do list. For example, in the past two weeks I have sent off the copy edits for my book (5 days late), and a draft of the 8,000-word article/essay project to one of the editors (well ahead of schedule). Yet both of these are going to boomerang back to me several times, probably at times that are not convenient.

The second has more to do with teaching than with research: As the end of my glorious 10 days off approaches, and the end of the semester soon after that, I'm feeling a tension between a sense of accomplishment on the one hand, and the knowledge that it ain't quite over yet on the other. I'm 24 hours from being caught up on my grading, but every time I start to feel relieved, I realize that Tuesday I've got 12 ten-page papers coming in, then about two dozen four-pagers the following Tuesday, then, then then.... I can't let my guard down yet.

But what I can do for these next few days is continue not to set my alarm for 6:45. I can cook and eat well. I can get my apartment and office clean and organized for the onslaught of the next half-month.

Bracing for impact, folks. Who's with me?


Another Damned Medievalist said...

I am so there. I planne on getting so much done over this short break, and mostly, I just rested for the first three days. I feel so much better, but also guilty as hell.

Belle said...

No guilt, but certainly impending load of excrement headed my way. Bracing for impact indeed.

Anonymous said...

I have two more lectures, four more seminars and then the essays. Then I'm back down to one job for a bit and can act like a researcher again for a bit. Am I with you or not? I am in spirit.

Dr. S said...

Here. I'm here too.

AliceAcademic said...

This week, I submitted six job applications and made a plane trip home for thanksgiving dinner (in between writing cover letters). Now that I'm back, I am so totally bracing for impact.