Thursday, November 12, 2009

Turning Point

This past week, I got through a week of epic grading: 30 midterms and a dozen ten-page papers. Also, a couple last revisions on the conference paper and a meeting or three.

Now, I leave for a conference to present my first-ever post-book new-project paper. On the plane with me will be:
  • My book MS, with revisions, to go over on the plane so I can get it back Monday (5 days past deadline)
  • A paper that my friend from Exotic Research City asked me to go over and correct the English
  • A grant proposal that a colleague has asked me to give a once-over
  • Two thesis chapters from my pokiest grad student

Oh yeah -- and my camera.

By the time I get through Monday night, my major deadlines will all have been passed, and I'll be able to be a bit more relaxed. See you then.


Belle said...

Oh good! New pictures! Post 'em quickly for those of us mired in classes/hum-drum.

clio's disciple said...

Have a good conference! May your travels be on-time and uneventful!

medieval woman said...

Have a good time!

ER Doc said...

Grading papers instead of returning your manuscript on deadline??? Why, that's something a dedicated teacher might do! Don't let that get around; you might get a reputation as someone who cares more about her students than her book!

Susan said...

Have a great conference!