Saturday, January 2, 2010

Open Letter to the Commenter Who Posted Identifying Information about Me

Dear Person,

Yes, I did get your e-mail a couple of months ago, with a long paragraph detailing how you'd figured out precisely who I was, where I worked, where I researched, etc. It felt like an invasion of my privacy, but I do understand the satisfaction that comes from solving a puzzle, so yes: you got it right.

But I am still an anonymous blogger, so I need you to respect that if you'd like to continue visiting. Do as my long-time friends who comment here do: refrain from posting even vaguely identifying information in your comments to my posts. I've deleted them, and will set up moderated comments as necessary, but it will be easier for me (and for my other regular commenters) to manage if you simply make a decision to respect my privacy.

Thank you,