Friday, January 1, 2010

Would you believe...

...that I'm still grading? I have one more paper to read, and then I'm done. In the meantime, my New Year's resolutions are:
  • Take more pictures (new DSLR!)
  • Read more for pleasure (the stack on my nighttable is reaching a dangerous height)
  • Volunteer in the community
  • Pay off credit card debt
  • Draft one new article or book chapter
  • Find a local yoga studio that I like, and take that up again
  • Crack open those cookbooks and try one new recipe a week

Some of that will have to wait until I'm back from my research trip, but the rest looks like a decent list. In general, the theme this year is: "Finding a way to do my job well without feeling like it's devouring every other part of my life and bellowing for more."

Happy New Year, y'all.

PS: Also, I've been working around the corners of strategizing my research trip. More on that this weekend, along with a bit of a bleg for ideas and input.


CattyinQueens said...

Ugh--sorry to hear you're still grading, even if it's just one paper. I was still doing that right up until the 28th. While I don't have any more grading for the next three weeks, I have not checked my school email account for almost a week because I know there are going to be several grade-related emails in the inbox. I am not looking forward to drafting the responses.

Do people always answer grade complaint emails? Is there anyone out there who feels justified in ignoring them, and if so, can you give me a pep talk?

Historiann said...

CattyinQueens--I answered the first few, but then I just started deleting them. They haven't even seen their final exams--just the final grades. In the absence of the student's final exam and/or other completed work, I can't possibly address their questions, which are just lazy pleas for mercy, IMHO. If a student makes an appointment to pick up hir exam and see me in person to discuss it, then I'll be happy to do that. But unless ze does that, forget it.

I wrote an open letter to all of my students who wrote these kinds of e-mails here:

CattyinQueens said...

Thanks--I'm going to continue to ignore them for a little longer, and if I can remember when school starts back up, i'll send them a note that says they can come see me in office hours. I'm having teaching-anxiety dreams already, even though I don't start back until the end of the month! crazy.