Sunday, February 6, 2011

Trouble a-brewin'

I've been really enjoying the conversation on the previous post on fellowships and grants in the Humanities, and I remain more committed than ever to increasing our Office of Research's awareness of the differences between Humanities and Science grants, so everyone** gets the kind of help and processing they need.

But the discussion has taken an interesting turn: Humanities researchers wondering where the money goes. We've had a few people intimately involved with the university side of the process (I'm looking at you, Katrina) chime in with their experience, enough that I've decided to do a separate post on the subject, probably to be posted Tuesday.

But it gets even more nefarious. You see, Comrade PhysioProf and I have been having an off-blog conversation over the last day or so, and I like to imagine that it's increasing some awareness on both sides. Seriously: how often do Humanities and Science faculty sit down and talk about their own takes on things that affect them both without it descending into a frantic grab for as much of the ever-shrinking cash pool as possible?

So, I cooked up an idea to do a joint post, cobbled together from the e-mails we've been sending back and forth. The Comrade upped the ante by suggesting that it be cross-posted at both of our blogs (or "blogges," if you like), so as to bring more science blog readers into the conversation. And please, if you're a grants office person, jump on in, too, because we want to hear from you.

And while you're waiting, check out this story, which talks a bit about a bill in the Texas legislature proposing that the ban on concealed handguns on college campus be lifted, so students and professors can be packing heat. That oughta' add some spice to discussions of who benefits from overhead costs!

**No, I haven't forgotten about those of you in the Social Sciences. It's just that your departments and research types can variously be more like the sciences (needs a lab and student assistants/postdocs) or the humanities (solitary work, need time to research and write) that I just don't think I should generalize. Feel free to read yourself into either group, or post "third option" viewpoints as you see appropriate.