Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Business

A few points to mark my first Friday back stateside:
  • Week 6 of the writing group is up over at ADM's place. Getchyer updates in! She also invites you to talk about mistakes you've made in planning how to best use a summer or a research leave. Hoo boy, have I done this, so expect me to chime in for once.
  • I got home at 1 a.m. a couple of days ago and just fell into bed. The following day I devoted to laundry, spending $150 on groceries, and unpacking/putting away. The next day I was able to be recreational (coffee, yoga, etc.), and got a full 8 hours of sleep. Today: consumer purchases! Bike pump! New water bottle!** Curtains for the kitchen windows! Many! More! Exclamation! Points!!!
  • Brought home 17 pounds (yes, I weighed them) of new*** book purchases. And probably 5 new pounds of me (no, I didn't weigh me. Mind your own goddamn business). Pastry and cheese will do that to you.
  • Good luck to people at Leeds this weekend!

**If you go on an extended trip, and you leave your bike parked somewhere warmish, it's best to make sure that bottle is emptied, washed, and perfectly dry and open to the air. Unless you are actually trying to grow algae.

***This does not count the books I was already carrying with me, which were probably another 2 pounds or so.


Anonymous said...

:D !

Historiann said...


(I am scheming my way back to your neighborhoods next year some time this very moment.)

Susan said...

Welcome back home!

fassaf said...

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