Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Damned Notorious Writing Group Begins!

First off: This post takes its title from a suggestion made by new participant Amstr for a group name. And after all that agonizing that ADM and I did, we saw this one, and we just knew. So that's who we are (at least, for now): Another Damned Notorious Writing Group.


We had an amazing sign-up period -- over 50 participants made commitments for this 12-week challenge. Just a reminder as to what you committed to:
  1. Completing a single project in a twelve-week period.
  2. Checking in every week on Fridays (and we will close comments on Sunday, so don't dilly-dally!) with: (a) your accomplishments from the past week; and (b) your specific goals for the next week. Remember: two consecutive missed check-ins gets you dropped -- there's your motivation to be consistent!
  3. The very bestest group members will also (a) read each others' comments and offer advice and encouragement and (b) respond to the themes that your humble moderators dream up to keep things interesting.
  4. Carving out writing time every single damn day is also helpful. It doesn't need to be beautiful prose, but building an every-day habit during these twelve weeks will serve you well.
Pretty simple, right? Anyway, the first check in is already up at ADM's place. So get on over and get checked in!