Thursday, November 3, 2011

'Tis the season (for making lists)

Am I the only one who's reached the compulsive list-making portion of the semester?

I have so many things I'd like to do over the next week -- all of which will take approximately a day -- that I almost dare not speak them all out loud. Almost.
  • Check in at ADM's place for this week's writing group [UPDATE: It's up!], with my goal for this week completed.
  • Continue to write 400 words a day so I stand a chance of meeting my overall goals.
  • Plow through several stacks of grading, and get up to date on everything except the two small stacks of papers I received just today.
  • Repot one of the plants that seems to want more space
  • Get to at least three yoga classes.
  • Update a mailing list for That Thing I Edit.
  • Distribute TTIE to people on the list
  • Compile and research inevitable bounced deliveries of TTIE
  • Go through my e-mail inbox and stuff.
  • Vaguely tidy the apartment.

I'm nuts for even thinking about this. But maybe stating my goals in public will help me get through them. Stay tuned!


Susan said...

Well, at least your list has the yoga classes. My list is full of "finish letter of recommendation"; " grade"; etc.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

I've been writing mine very, very small on post-it notes, as if shrinking down the whole list would somehow mean fewer things to do.

It's a coping strategy.

I'm not saying it's a good one, just that it is one.

Sarah said...

I've been list-making like a crazy person of late. Haven't been posting them to the internet just yet, though, as I fear someone may hold me accountable one day to such sweeping proclamations as "vaguely tidy the apartment"... :)