Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Month of Moving, pt. 2: In Which my Apartment Becomes a Clown Car

"Oh, I don't have that much stuff. The move should be a snap."


When I was in grad school, I moved six times in eight years. Or was it seven times? I forget. But roughly once every year and change.  When you do that, you don't ever get a chance to accumulate that much stuff. And everything you have is disposable, more or less.

By contrast: I have been in my current apartment for twelve years.

Granted, there was the year I spent at Fellowship U. back in 2007/08. But I had a subletter then, so all I had to do was move my personal stuff into the back storage closet and box up the few things I was taking with me. So, twelve years since a move. This by far the longest I have lived in any single address since I... well, I was going to say "since I lived with my parents," but it occurs to me that my family moved across town when I was seven, and I moved out when I was eighteen. So: the longest I have lived anywhere, ever.


You all know what that means: even though I've only got a little over 500 square feet, and even though I like to keep a lot of empty floor space in that space so I don't feel crowded, in twelve years, you accumulate a lot of stuff without even realizing it.

And when you finally move, even the tiniest space turns into a clown car: you keep pulling stuff out and putting it in boxes, and yet there always seems to be more -- way more than the space and the laws of physics would seem to allow. How is this possible?!?


Susan said...

Susan's first rule of moving:
There is always another shelf in the closet, probably the one where you stashed the stuff you had no good place for.
Also, you will find that shelf at the last possible moment.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

I'm starting with the top shelves right now and working my way down.