Thursday, February 21, 2008


1. I resolve to put this chapter to bed by the end of this weekend. It may not be great, but I will have a draft. And I will shoot for that draft to be at least 12,000 words long.

2. I resolve to have a completed MS to pitch to publishers by the time Kalamazoo rolls around.

3. I resolve to scrub my bathtub this weekend. Seriously.


Belle said...

Bathtub scrubbing! We're getting serious here!

Dr. S said...

Scrub your bathtub joyfully. And good luck on the chapter.

Anonymous said...

Oh, relief---I also am waiting to have a pretty completed MS to pitch to publishers, and everytime someone says "do you have a publisher?" I have to say, "well, there's two schools of thought on that...."