Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Well, the tub is still unscrubbed, every flat surface in my apartment is littered with papers, but dammit, I now have a draft of the Chapter I Hate. Sure, the conclusion and the introduction will need to be reworked, as they are lame. But I can't think more about them now. I've hit print, and I'm done, for the moment. The writing is not exactly a thing of beauty,** but I have something that I won't be utterly embarrassed to show to the colleague who has volunteered to look at it.

Most importantly, now I can get on to hating the next chapter.

But hey: I'm cutting myself some slack. Going home an hour early, going to the gym (first time in a week), and going to ask Interesting Development if he'd like his best girl to take him out to dinner to celebrate. Because hey: I finished a chapter today.

**Note to Self: Do not again make the mistake of mentally comparing your writing to that of That Book -- you know, the one on a related but not-too-related topic, with the guy working from the same body of sources, whose incisive analysis and flowing, evocative prose scooped up about six major book awards? Yeah, that one. You will only end up feeling bad.


hilary said...

Congratulations on the completion of Chapter You Hate!
Have a great dinner.

Dr. S said...

Rock out, you. It won't seem to suck nearly so much when you look at it later. Chapters are magic that way.

And yes, have a great dinner (and say hi to ID!).

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Thanks for the love, ladies. I did dine well yesterday (and yes, I scrubbed the tub!), slept in this morning, and am resolutely NOT going into the office today.

@S: let's hope you're right.

WTDT said...

"ID." Now there's a distressingly appropriate nickname.

Anonymous said...

Every chapter is the Chapter That You Hate until it becomes the Chapter That You Love Because It's in the Book That You Published. Or, at least, that's what I tell myself.

Congrats and keep plugging away!

Belle said...

Congrats! Chapter done, tub scrubbed, well dined and perhaps, mayhaps, ID'd? Gasp, Belle, what a comment!